1. What is a creative consultant?

A creative consultant often works as an independent contractor where they act as creative advisors, and even creative directors, to improve the overall creative ambition, activity and execution of projects which can range from campaigns, programmes, content and much more.

A good creative consultant balances the commercial viability and parameters of a project against the creative goals and ambitions of the project.


2. What do you do specifically?

I am a creative consultant specialising in the strategic design, development and delivery of music and music culture projects, programmes and initiatives that integrate music, culture and content production that deliver long-term impact for creatives, brands, organisations and communities. There are 3 core services I provide:

  1. Programme and Project Design and Curation
  2. Research and Development
  3. Delivery / Co-ordination of Delivery 

What kind of background and experience do you have?

I have worked within the music industry for over 15 years where I have consulted on a number of key music projects, working with the likes of MTV, BET, Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF), Nike, BBC Radio 1 Academy, MOBO, The Fader, Jockey Club Live and Levi’s amongst many others.   I have also produced acclaimed radio documentaries for outlets such as BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, BBC Radio 4 and The World Service, and worked on various music campaigns for artists ranging from music pioneers such as Wiley (A-List Records) and Damian Marley, to dynamic creatives Yuna, Shakka and Jesse Boykins III to grassroots emerging artists.


4. Why do I need a creative consultant?

Creativity is at the heart of any quality and impactful project, product or service and will be a deciding factor in setting them apart in a crowded market. The experienced and nuanced application of imagination, innovation and the ability to think outside the box should not be overlooked. A creative consultant will develop ideas for you and help implement those ideas. Creative skills include imagination, innovation and the ability to think outside the box

‌Hiring a creative consultant can provide many benefits including:

  • creative consultants can give you a “bird’s eye view” into your project. This fresh mind, viewpoint and approach will often allow them to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, as well as amazing opportunities that you might not.
  • creative consultants often have worked on and are working on multiple projects and with a variety of clients, this gives them invaluable insight and ideas from many different avenues. They can use the expertise to help you project. This may help with things like getting the best ROI.
  • ‌designing and developing new programmes, initiatives and projects can be challenging and time consuming. Creative consultants help can develop these plans more quickly and clearly and then help you put them to work.
  • ‌creative consultants bring with them a network they have formed during different projects. You can use this to gain knowledge, increase awareness and tap into new external resources.


5. Do you offer consultancy around HR, Recruitment or management?

No. Although my work is often strategic, the main focus is not organisational and human resource change, it is all about the creative side of things – design, development and delivery of projects, programmes and initiatives within music and music culture.


6. How do you select clients and projects?

I focus on projects that are centred around music and/or music culture that empower and platform under-represented voices, cultures and stories.


7. Do you work internationally?

Yes I do and have done a lot of international work in the past. I am keen to do more international work.


8. Do you do talks?

Yes I do talks, panels and presentations on a variety of topics and have done so at music and culture conferences, colleges and universities and festivals both within the UK and internationally.


9. Do you do 1 to 1 consultancy?

Yes I do 1 to 1 creative consultancy for music creators and creatives generally. Usually this focuses on creative development, ideation and marketing strategy and delivery.


10. Are you a business coach?

No. Whereas coaches are trained to actively coach professionals or businesses on how to become successful and build a better company. I am more of a creative director and advisor that will develop and design solutions to help make improvements and


11. How much do you charge?

The cost depends on your specific project requirements. The easiest way to get an idea is to get in touch so we can talk through what you need in more detail.


12. How can I contact you?