Editorial Lead I Commissioning Editor

Powered by Youtube and Google Arts and Culture, UNION BLACK: Sounds Of A Nation is a celebration and exploration of the impact and influence of Black British Music. Taking the form of an expansive chapterised online exhibition of hundreds of stories actualised with videos, photographs, documentaries and podcasts that reflect the contribution of Black British music artists, professionals and movements that have impacted the UK and beyond, changing the fabric of British music and culture forever.

Users have access to over 200 multimedia stories curated by over 25 cultural partners (including Black Cultural Archives, Somerset House and Notting Hill Carnival) and a range of new audio and video content pieces produced by collaborators ranging from YouTube creators to podcast hosts and music artists such as British icon Trevor Nelson. Some of the exclusive content also explores the movements that blossomed from the melting pot of Black Britain in not just music but also film and entertainment, fashion, language and youth culture.

Yaw was engaged with Google to be the overall Editorial Lead for the whole project, which included researching, developing and curating the stories, commissioning and giving editorial support to the production companies, Youtube creators and partners as well as delivering strategic steer across elements.

For more on UNION BLACK: https://artsandculture.google.com/project/union-black